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HSEQ Management

We aim to be world-leading within our fields of technology. We are committed to holding the same standard in our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management systems. The 4Subsea HSEQ systems are certified to both ISO 9001:2015, Achilles Joint Qualification System, FPAL, and other international qualifications.

4Subsea provides services to the offshore industry mainly through project based work, and uses a process based work structure. The HSEQ management system defines the work processes and the interfaces between these, and also provides necessary check lists, templates etc. Our quality policy confirms our constant client focus, as well as our continuous drive for improvement.

4Subsea HSE Policies

4Subsea is committed to being recognized as a workplace offering exceptional technical challenges in a friendly environment. We ensure that all employees are trained for the work they perform, and has a continuous focus on creating and maintaining its good working environment.

HSE concerns are first priority in all operations – on the office premises, onshore and offshore. We are committed to prevent accidents, environmental damage and personnel injuries to create and maintain a safe working environment. Our main goal is to have zero injuries and accidents.

Our focus on the environmental challenges of the oil and gas industry affects all our actions and work. We aim to contribute to reduced environmental damage through our services to the industry.


4Subsea Quality Policy

4Subsea is a service company delivering products and services to help operators to reduce OPEX  and CAPEX as well as increase production. This service offering, as well as our context evaluations, make the following vital for fulfillment:

  • Employ highly qualified personnel and provide them with adequate training and development, as well as maintaining a working environment recognised by our core values.
  • Maintain and improve our quality and HSE systems to always support the organisation’s performance and deliveries.
  • Maintain and improve knowledge management systems to ensure that we learn from each other and the industry.
  • Constantly survey and measure relevant Key Performance Indicators for both operational and strategic goals, and act upon the results.
  • Satisfy applicable requirements, laws and regulations in all markets where we operate.


4Subsea Environmental Policy

4Subsea has a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. 4Subsea is fully committed to improve environmental performance across all of our business activities. 4Subsea recognizes our key impacts to minimize impact to the environment to be in the areas of energy use, waste generation, transport and emissions to air and water.

We will strive to:

  • Align processes and procedures with environmental standards in all areas of operation, meeting or exceeding all relevant legislative requirements.
  • Conduct environmental assessment to identify the potential environmental impacts that may occur, based upon location and nature of operation.
  • Meet Client environmental requirements.
  • Identify need for training and encourage employee involvement and dedication for environmental action.
  • Continually assess our activities and identify areas where we can minimize impact to the air, land and water.
  • Minimize waste and promote recycling in our day to day business.
  • Adopt an environmentally sound transport and travel strategy.
  • Consider environmental considerations in investment decisions.