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Improving operational efficiency using 4insight® Marine Operations

How Subsea7 managed optimise operating envelopes and reduce vessel downtime.

Subsea 7 needed help with digital transformation of vessel operations. 4insight® Marine Operations vessel motions predictor enabled Subsea 7 to improve operational efficiency.

By using live-data from sensors onboard the vessels combined with a weather forecast, Subsea 7 improved the operability of the vessels using motions predictions.


WHO: Subsea 7 and 4Subsea

WHAT: Using IoT sensors and 4insight® to support the digital transformation of vessel operations.

WHERE: Subsea 7 vessels world wide

HOW: Streamed data from the vessel and 3rd party weather forecast services to 4insight®. Applied algorithms on the combined vessel motions and environmental data to predict operability ahead of time. Recommended optimal heading and helicopter landings on the vessel.

WHY: Optimised operating envelopes and reduced downtime through analytics and interactive operating procedures.


A modern offshore vessel often has tens of thousands of sensors monitoring the condition of various equipment during the installation. The data is mostly used for simple alarms. There is however great value in running analytics on this data. This allows for new insight, enabling operational optimisation, prediction and advanced anomaly detection using machine learning algorithms to continuously assess the operations. The architecture behind 4insight® is designed to receive and compute large amounts of data, unlocking the true potential of the data to ensure the best possible decision support for operators.


  • Technical: Use of 4Subsea IoT SMS Gateway™ sensor*, existing vessel sensors and 3rd party weather forecast services in combination with Microsoft Azure and data science competence to provide vessel motions predictions on 4insight®.
  • Operational: Provide engineers and marine crew with data-driven operational decision support through enhanced vessel response prediction models for weather-dependent marine operations.
  • Commercial: Enhanced utilisation of the offshore vessels.

Technical Solution

The 4insight® framework ingests data from the vessel and 3rd party environmental forecasting service. Creating insight from the data is enabled by 4insight® DataReservoir.io™ which is implemented in Microsoft Azure (PaaS) to handle large amounts of time series data and distribute them securely and efficiently.

The data is cleaned and processed by data analytics tools installed on 4insight®. The service entails machine learning algorithms enabling enhanced prediction of expected vessel motions and corresponding operability. The processed data (insight) is visualised in contextualised dashboard reports on 4insight®, made available for decision support to all relevant stakeholders and offshore.


Subsea 7 managed to optimise operating envelopes and reduce vessel downtime.


*Please see SMS Gateway™ product sheet for further information.

4Subsea’s data-driven approach of linking our predicted vessel motions with in-depth installation engineering analysis, unlocks optimum performance of our fleet in complex subsea operations and challenging weather conditions. Marcelo Xavier
Vice President, Brazil
November, 2020