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Riser Monitoring Solution RMS


RMS is a solution for monitoring the integrity of steel catenary riser. The solution incorporates motion and strain sensors to monitor the integrity of the steel catenary risers including loads, motions and fatigue in the riser as well as the integrity of the riser flex joint when this is relevant.

Data from a Digital Twin


The riser monitoring solution is based on live riser monitoring data being fed into a digital twin of the risers. The digital twin is hosted and operates on 4insight®. These virtual risers will be fed with data from actual sensors installed on the FPSO and risers.

The digital twin has an optional prediction module that enables the system to forecast riser loads or motions and estimate the remaining service life of each riser using the measured riser responses combined with weather statistics and other parameters that may influence the fatigue damage accumulation, e.g. riser pressure.

Key benefits

Connecting a digital twin to 4insight® will give valuable data that will detect damages and forecast remaining service life.

  • The digital twin will be a hybrid model of the risers were an analytical model is continuously fed with measurement data from the installed sensors. The digital twin model will allow the system to estimate with high accuracy loads and stresses at any pre-defined location along the riser.

  • All risers will have their own monitoring dashboard based on their own digital twin which will as a minimum be trained on FPSO motions and correlation between measured response and design model response for the risers that are being instrumented.

  • Immediate  live data transfer from the sensors below the stress joint of risers will be connected to the SMS Gateway™. This sensor is also designed to work as a hub for collecting and streaming data from multiple sensors to 4Insight. 


The following parameters can be monitored and displayed on 4insight:


  • Vessel motions (Heave, pitch and roll)
  • Riser loads for each riser: (Riser inclination, Riser axial tension, Riser bending moment, Riser pressure and hoop stress (analytically deducted))
  • Riser integrity status (for each riser): Riser fatigue counter showing current fatigue status, estimated end of life for the riser (based on static, statistical considerations for remaining part of life)