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SMS Strain™ Ex

SMS Strain is a retrofittable ex zone 1 certified strain sensor that can easily be placed by hand. The sensor can operate autonomously with wireless data transfer using SMS Magic Hand or it can be integrated and hardwired into any monitoring system.

Precision Strain Monitoring

The sensor’s high-resolution and accuracy in measuring strain provide early warning signs of stress that could lead to failure, allowing for timely interventions.

Moreover, the ease of installation and low maintenance requirements of SMS Strain™ minimize the logistical challenges often associated with subsea operations.


The SMS Strain™ sensor provides critical data on the strain affecting subsea structures, offering a new level of precision in monitoring the health and performance of assets. Its easy installation and low maintenance make it an ideal choice for long-term deployments, ensuring continuous, reliable data to support operational decisions and asset integrity management.


  • Continuous monitoring of subsea structures’ integrity and performance.
  • Enables proactive maintenance strategies, minimizing downtime and costs.
  • Essential for the safety and longevity of high-value subsea assets.
  • High-resolution and accurate strain measurement for critical infrastructure.
  • Easy, tool-free installation and long-term operational durability.
  • Low power consumption for extended deployment without maintenance.

Innovative Sensor Solutions

4Subsea’s sensor technology, including SMS Strain™, embodies a commitment to simplifying the complexities of subsea and offshore operations. Through the integration of advanced algorithms, data analytics, and engineering expertise, these sensors offer a pathway to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. The full range of SMS products, from strain and vibration sensors to data transfer and analysis tools, showcases 4Subsea’s dedication to innovation and client support

  • Our sensors are engineered to push the boundaries of possibilities, offering unparalleled performance that sets new industry standards and elevates your operations.

  • Navigate the complexities of modern operations. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

  • Extend the life and enhance the value of your assets. Our innovative approach ensures your investments deliver maximum returns over a longer lifespan, reducing total costs.