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Our engineering strength is deeply rooted in a thorough understanding of the subsea domain and real-life experience from installing risers, drilling wells, managing wind turbine installations and cable laying.

Advanced Engineering Services at 4Subsea

At 4Subsea, we are deeply committed to enhancing your operational capabilities through our specialized domain expertise, advanced data analytics, and ongoing research and development efforts.

Our unique position stems from integrating continuous research with extensive operational experience, spanning concept design to field development, installation, and lifecycle operations.

This integration makes it possible for us to devise practical solutions and provide decisive operational support using cutting-edge technology.

Partnering with 4Subsea grants you access to bespoke solutions, ingeniously tailored to meet the unique challenges of the modern subsea environment.

Drilling and Wells

We have the experience, knowledge and tools to perform the most challenging engineering tasks, developing optimal, tailor-made solutions together with our clients.

We aim to be a leading provider of independent engineering services related to drilling, completion/workover and wellhead systems.


    • Support drilling and well intervention operations providing data driven decision support to reduce cost and risk
    • Advisory services – using our extensive system knowledge to work with our clients to find the best solutions.
    • Operational support – related to riser and vessel interface, and integrity of riser and wellhead systems.
    • Technology development and qualification
    • Advanced riser and wellhead system analyses
    • A cost-effective service package enabling operations and reducing life-cycle cost
    • Advanced system analysis of drilling and C/WO riser systems
    • Detailed structural analysis of wellhead systems
    • Detailed structural analysis of riser components
    • Advisory services for code and standard compliance
    • Concept and FEED studies
    • Brownfield studies and service life assessments

Asset Integrity

We make possible sustainable, safe and costefficient operations through leading edge technology and sharing of our operational experiences. 

Our engineering team has in-depth knowledge of best practices for operation of all types of subsea assets. Within critical infrastructure such as flexible risers, umbilcals and power cables we go even deeper. Here, we continuously deepen our insight through research programs to improve industry understanding of materials and product degradation.

Our approach makes possible the full service life of your assets, ensuring operations remain safe and cost-effective without incidents or shutdowns, thus enhancing operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

By sharing our insight and operational experiences we believe we can contribute to a safer and more sustainable energy future. 

    • AIM – our digital tool optimized for integrity management of subsea assets 
    • Life Extension Projects  
    • Evaluation of Operational Data  
    • Risk Assessment 
    • Mitigating Actions 
    • Riser Inspection and Testing Services 
    • Riser Repair Solutions 
    • Riser Monitoring Solutions 
    • Material Degradation Assessments 
    • Corrosion Assessment 
    • Riser System Design including auxiliaries 
    • Global Analysis for operation and installation 
    • Cross section analysis of bonded and unbonded risers, cables and umbilicals 
    • Data driven failure investigations 
    • Riser inspection and dissection
    • Ageing of polymer products 
    • Corrosion processes and monitoring 
    • Development of industry standards for subsea assets 
    • Joint Industry Projects
    • Maximize operational life of your subsea assets 
    • Reduced risk and life cycle cost 
    • Advanced Integrity Management strategies and support 
    • A comprehensive, cost effective service package
    • Digitised solution with online Integrity Management portal 

Offshore Wind

Our profound expertise in the dynamic analysis of both slender and non-slender structures under diverse marine conditions establishes us as a pioneering force in the offshore wind sector. A deep understanding allows us to navigate the complexities of marine dynamics with precision and innovation.

We are committed to continuous advancement in our field, consistently enhancing our analytical tools and methods. By leveraging our extensive experience, we ensure the delivery of unmatched services throughout the entire life cycle of renewable energy projects.

From the initial stages of technology development and conceptual design to FEED, detailed design, procurement, construction, installation, operation, and decommissioning, we provide exhaustive engineering support and digital monitoring services.

Our offerings cater to both floating and bottom-fixed wind systems, demonstrating our versatile and comprehensive approach to fostering sustainable energy solutions.

    • Concept development
    • Structural design
    • Mooring system design
    • Dynamic cable design
    • Assembly and marine operations
    • Digital monitoring solutions
    • Concept development of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT)
    • Advanced coupled analysis
    • Configuration design and fatigue
      analysis of inter-array and export cables
    • Analysis of cable protection systems (CPS) for submarine cables
    • Advanced FE analysis of cables/ structures
    • Root cause investigations of cable irregularities
    • Installation analysis and follow-up of offshore installation campaigns
    • Subsea routing, on-bottom stability and protection for submarine cables
    • Development of test procedures and follow-up mechanical testing of cables
    • Monitoring cable motion and freespa
    • Digital monitoring on 4insight.io™
    • Mooring system design for FOWT

Sensors and Monitoring

At 4Subsea, we are at the forefront of technological innovation, enhancing our service portfolio to help operators reduce operational costs and extend the lifespan of their assets. Through the innovative use of autonomous sensors, combined with advanced data analytics and specialized engineering expertise, we are setting new standards in the industry.

Our state-of-the-art autonomous monitoring solutions enable continuous integrity monitoring of subsea assets.

Engineered as ‘set and forget’ systems, these sensor solutions are designed to drastically reduce the need for costly inspections, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and reinforcing our leadership in delivering next-generation subsea solutions.