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Digital services

We work relentlessly to improve our ability to learn from data and make accurate predictions. Our digital platform – together with our engineering expertise – guides you on when, where, and how to take informed actions.



4insight® by 4Subsea is a transformative digital service designed to offer critical decision support to energy operators. It’s a comprehensive suite that encompasses Asset Integrity, Drilling, Data Analytics, and Marine Operations, all aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in both oil & gas and offshore wind operations.

4insight® stands out as a multi-tenant solution hosted on Microsoft Azure, highlighting its reliability and scalability. This digital service by 4Subsea is designed to transform the way energy operators approach maintenance, monitoring, and management of their assets, driving forward operational excellence and sustainability in the energy sector.

Critical Decision Support

4Subsea’s Data Analytics platform stands at the convergence of data science expertise and practical engineering experience, tailored to redefine operational excellence in the energy sector. This innovative approach combines 4Subsea’s deep operational knowledge with advanced digital capabilities, focusing on automating engineering processes to enhance efficiency and decision-making.

Whether you are looking to streamline engineering processes, mitigate operational risks, or achieve significant cost reductions, 4Subsea’s Data Analytics platform is your gateway to the future of energy operations. We invite you to explore how our integrated data science expertise and hands-on engineering experience can transform your operational strategy.


FlexShare is a collaborative platform designed for the oil and gas industry to enhance the sharing of experiences and data related to flexible pipes. This initiative is particularly focused on improving the safety, efficiency, and reliability of flexible pipe operations.

Overall, FlexShare represents a significant step towards collaborative industry-wide improvements in the management of flexible pipes, ensuring better operational outcomes and enhanced safety standards for all participants.

  • FlexShare facilitates the sharing of anonymous data regarding flexible pipes and related events among its members. This data is used to create detailed dashboards that help operators monitor and analyze pipe conditions and incidents in real-time​.

  • The platform organizes workshops, seminars, and webinars where industry experts and member companies present findings, best practices, and technological advancements. This collaborative approach aims to promote continuous learning and innovation within the industry​.

  • Members of FlexShare contribute to a collective knowledge base by sharing their operational experiences and insights on flexible pipe management. This collective intelligence helps in identifying common challenges and developing standardized solutions to address them​.

  • By leveraging shared data and collective insights, FlexShare helps operators to improve the safety and efficiency of their flexible pipe systems. This can lead to better risk management and cost savings by preemptively addressing potential issues before they escalate into major problems.