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Marine operations

We optimize vessel and rig operability by leveraging data from onboard systems. This solution enhances performance by using real-time vessel response and weather data, integrated with AI and machine learning for predictive analysis, improving operability in any weather-dependent operation​.

Offshore Decision Support Tool

Unlock the power of predictability with Offshore Decision Support Tool, the digital solution transforming marine operations industry with advanced planning and execution capabilities, increasing vessel operability and efficiency. The service enhances the operability of any type of weather dependent vessel operations and provides valuable insight on vessel performance.

ODST is a vital component in supporting the vessel energy transition including sustainable and efficient operations. The digital service enables fleet owners and service
providers to collect and contextualize vessel data to improve operational performance. Choose from a selection of readily available decision support applications or tailor-make your own tools running on 4insight®.


    • Operability dashboard – Examine how weather forecasts and alpha factors will affect future vessel operability in one intuitive view
    • Activity manager – Manage activities and assess the most efficient sequence
    • Vessel motions – Use measurement data to accurately predict vessel behavior many days in advance
    • Weather forecast – Analyse weather data from multiple forecast providers and compare with real-time weather data
    • Heading advisory – Get advised on the optimal heading for operations
    • Reduces waiting on weather resulting inshorter operations
    • Enhanced forecasting with higheraccuracy of prediction
    • Faster decision support for upcomingactivities
    • Enables deeper understanding of scheduleoptimisation opportunities
    • Enhanced operational safety through utilisation of more accurate weatherpredictions
    • Improved collaboration andcommunication on decision

Connecting the fleet

The Offshore Decision Support Tool connects the fleet through its advanced 4Insight® data sharing platform, providing a crucial tool for predictive and analytical decision-making in marine vessel operations. This system integrates data from various sources, including vessel sensors, motion sensors, and GPS, alongside weather forecasts. This integration enables operators to predict vessel behavior accurately and plan operations up to a week in advance – for the entire fleet.

Strategic Role and Vision

At 4Subsea, the engineers within the Marine Operations unit is pivotal in redefining efficiency and safety in maritime activities, particularly for energy sector applications. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, this unit specializes in improving the operability of marine vessels through data-driven insights and predictive analytics.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Our operations are rooted in a commitment to innovation and sustainability, strategically addressing the dynamic challenges of maritime environments. Our solutions are tailored not only to enhance immediate operational capabilities but also to secure long-term benefits such as reduced environmental impact, optimized resource utilization, and improved safety standards.

Advanced Digital Solutions

Through platforms like 4insight® Marine Operations and Offshore Decision Support Tool (ODST™), we provide unparalleled support to vessel operators. These innovative tools integrate real-time data from onboard systems with weather forecasts and machine learning technologies, enabling precise predictions of vessel behaviors and optimal operational planning. This capability significantly reduces downtime and operational costs while enhancing safety and efficiency.

Leading the Way in Marine Operations

In essence, 4Subsea’s Marine Operations is at the forefront of transforming traditional marine operations into smart, responsive, and sustainable activities. We empower our clients to not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of global marine operations, setting new benchmarks.


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