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Oil & gas

By merging operational experience with digital innovations, 4Subsea streamlines engineering processes to mitigate risks and reduce costs, ensuring the integrity of subsea assets from reservoir to deck. This makes us your partner for enhancing asset lifetime and operational uptime.

Delivering Critical Decision Support Through Advanced Technology

At 4Subsea, we make possible sustainable, safe, and cost-efficient operations by combining leading-edge technology with comprehensive operational insights.

Our approach not only enhances efficiency but also supports critical decision-making in the challenging environments of the oil and gas sector.



Making Possible Deeper Insight into Subsea Asset Management

Our engineering expertise spans a broad range of subsea assets, focusing particularly on essential infrastructure. In the specialized areas of flexible risers, umbilicals, and power cables, we deepen our insight further through robust research programs.

These initiatives are crucial in delivering critical decision support, enhancing the industry’s understanding of material behavior and degradation, and making possible the extended use of these vital components.

By sharing our insight and operational experiences we believe we can contribute to a safer and more sustainable energy future. 


Maximizing Asset Lifecycles to Enhance Safety and Efficiency

We are committed to enabling the full service life of your assets. Our strategic asset management makes possible operations that are safe, cost-effective, and uninterrupted by incidents or shutdowns.

This commitment not only delivers operational excellence but also promotes environmental stewardship, making possible a reduced environmental impact while maintaining high safety standards.

Sharing Knowledge for a Safer, More Sustainable Future

By sharing our insights and operational experiences, we contribute to a broader industry understanding that fosters safer and more sustainable practices.

At 4Subsea, we believe that making our knowledge accessible is key to delivering critical decision support, driving innovation, and enhancing operational excellence across the oil and gas industry.

Through our advanced digital tools, we enable you to extend this knowledge sharing—both internally to enhance corporate knowledge and externally to third parties.

This empowerment leads to widespread benefits, including sustainability, extended asset lifetimes, and enhanced safety, ultimately uplifting the entire industry.


Our unique advantage lies in real-world experience. We’ve worked onboard the rigs and vessels, handling tasks such as installing risers, drilling wells, managing wind turbine installations and cable laying.

Sensors and Monitoring

We know that optimizing operational efficiency without the correct data is like navigating in the dark. Our sensors and monitoring systems are state-of-the-art based on the latest in mobile technology and IoT advancements.

Digital and analytics

We work relentlessly to improve our ability to learn from data and make accurate predictions. Our digital platform and data quality – together with our analytical expertise – guides you on when, where, and how to take informed actions.