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Portable Annulus Tester PAT™

PAT is a fully automated tool for integrity testing of the riser annulus of flexible risers either using pressure or vacuum. PAT can also be used as a retrofittable, temporary, or permanent riser vent gas monitoring solution.

Most oil companies operating flexible risers carry out annulus testing on an annual basis to ensure the integrity of the risers, and to detect anomalies early. The objectives of such tests are to verify the flexible riser outer sheath integrity and the functionality of the ventilation system.

With the Portable Annulus Tester PAT™ we have eliminated the need to send two technicians or engineers offshore by helicopter to perform the tests. The hand-carried test unit performs complete annulus tests, and algorithms are enabling the operator to take immediate action if anomalies are detected.

The system presents results on the FlexTrack™ digital platform, accessible to both onshore and offshore personnel. PAT™ can also function as a permanent monitoring device.

Key benefits

Our Portable Annulus Tester PAT™, currently pending patent, removes the necessity of dispatching two technicians or engineers via helicopter for offshore testing. This compact test unit, easily carried by hand, conducts thorough annulus tests, equipped with algorithms that empower operators to swiftly address any anomalies detected.

  • Enables significant cost reduction compared to traditional annulus
    test methods.

  • Provides high degree of flexibility when planning test campaigns.

  • Uses standardised algorithm of data interpretation to ensure consistent results and history of integrity assessments.



Experience the future of annulus testing with PAT – portable, intuitive, and essential for optimized performance.


  • Automated annulus free volume testing (pressure and vacuum testing)
  • Detects outer sheath breaches
  • Detects blocked vent ports
  • Detects liquid filling in annulus
  • Hardware and software fail-safe mechanisms
  • Touchscreen display with live test progress and results
  • On-site test configuration/modification possibilities
  • Portable, easy-to-use device